What To Do If Your Monstera Leaves Won’t Split

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Decorating your home with house plants is now more popular than ever, with succulents and monstera plants galore!

You’ll now recognize the monstera plant leaves anywhere you go for their sheer largeness, distinctive split look, beautiful shape and stunning patterns.

The monstera is so beloved for its eye-catching split leaves, and unique colors and shapes. So what happens if you buy a monstera plant, and the leaves just are not living up to your expectations?

Don’t worry you won’t have to get your craft scissors out for your monstera leaves to be on trend, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps from our care guide below, and your monstera will flourish! So, what is a monstera plant? 

What is a Monstera Plant?

Move along succulents, the monstera is now the trendiest plant to keep. The monstera, or monstera deliciosa is a species of flowering plant that is native to tropical environments such as the forests of Mexico. 

The monstera deliciosa literally means delicious, and refers to the large, tasty fruit that this plant produces.

This plant is also well known for its huge, monstrous leaves that split, and form various patterns and holes.

This is why the monstera plant often gets mixed up with the split-leaf philodendron, but they are actually two very different plants. 

As the monstera is so well known and beloved for its beautifully striking and uniquely shaped leaves with the splits, it can be rather disheartening to find that your monstera plant leaves won’t split.

Luckily, we have a guide to help you fix the problem! 

What To Do If Your Monstera Leaves Won’t Split

If you are worried about your plant baby, and have fears that your dear monstera will never show off its split leaves, there is no reason to be!

Most of the time, the splits will come with more time, water or sunlight, so there is no need to despair.  What you can do if you monstera deliciosa leaves have not split is wait. Most of the time, monstera leaves will split on their own in due course.

Very young monstera plants will have heart shaped leaves without the splits, but as they grow, age and thrive, the leaves will become larger, more shaped and will split

Most monstera plants will need the perfect amount of sunlight, right amount of water, and just a touch of fertilizer for them to grow, and develop their splits, holes and patterns by the time they are 2 or 3 years old.

So, as they say, patience is a virtue

If your monstera is a little aged, and still has no splits, then the most common reason for this is that it is not getting enough sunlight. Whilst these plants can survive in little and much lower light, the monstera will not thrive unless it gets lots and lots of sunlight.

The monstera will need a lot of bright, yet indirect sunlight for the plant to grow properly and develop its splits. On the other hand, if you have a monstera that is already quite large, and has split leaves, then lower light is fine as it will not grow and take over your house!

But, if you have a young monstera that needs to grow and split, then sunlight is your best option to accelerate its growth! 

This can either be done with natural sunlight from an east-facing or south-facing window, or you can purchase a grow light to help your monstera flourish:


Whilst lighting is probably the most important factor to help your monstera thrive and split, you may need to think about your monstera’s watering and fertilizer needs, too.

Your monstera will need a huge amount of bright, indirect light, but cannot flourish without the right amount of water and fertilizer too! Monsteras should not be kept too wet, or too dry, so aim to go somewhere in between.

Think Goldilocks. You will want to keep a watchful eye on the soil on the top, and only water when the first 1-2 inches seem dry.

Try not to over soak or drown the monstera, as this is not good for it. In addition, monstera plants will grow with a little fertilizer, but they do not require too much.

Try to add a little liquid fertilizer such as: 

when you are watering just once a week to see if it makes a difference to your monstera, or pushes the leaves to split!


When it comes to any flower or plant, if you feel that it looks a little drab, is not flourishing or your monstera leaves seem dull, then you will need to think about the environment it is kept in.

With any plant, how you care for it is paramount to how it will look. 

If your monstera deliciosa is looking unhealthy, or the leaves refuse to split, then always consider moving it so that it gets more light, and ensure the plant is getting the correct amount of water and nutrients for it to flourish in your home! 

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