What Is the Best Weed Eater for Small-Medium Size Yards?

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Ever since homeowners began moving to the suburbs after WWII they have taken pride in the upkeep of their lawns. According to several surveys, the average lot size is .18 acres with about 5,000 sf of lawn to take care of. Using this figure, you can better determine which weed eater, or lawn trimmer, option is right for you.   

Other factors to remember is that a curved handle will make this tool more comfortable to use as well as choosing between a string or bladed head for the tool. You also may want to pick one with a shoulder harness or a handle to make the job easier as well. Our website explains the all the different options in greater detail.

One of the best things about having a smaller yard to take care of is that it affords you the ability to use any kind of weed eater. It doesn’t matter if it is a corded electric, battery powered or gas-powered device because your yard will be small enough that all three types should be able to accomplish the job. You should look at what all 3 have to offer before deciding on which type to purchase.

Corded Electric

This type has many things going for it. Because it is plugged into an outlet you won’t have to worry about losing power mid job. Just make sure that you have a long enough so that you can cover the entire area of your yard.

The cost of the machine and of running it tends to be average, and not having to buy gas or having to replace a battery should offset the cost of buying a long power cord. Your neighbors will like that it won’t wake them up if you prefer to work early when it is cool, as it is quieter than other options, and it’s more eco-friendly than other types.

Battery Powered

This type will also be quiet, and also has the benefit of being highly maneuverable since you won’t have to work around a cord. There should also be enough power to handle most weeds and you can always add a bladed head for more difficult jobs. These types are usually the least expensive and it will probably weigh the least, so it should be the least physically taxing.

Gas Powered

This option may be the heaviest, loudest and most expensive but it will be the most powerful and can handle any job you have. Because it is a smaller yard you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of gas before you finish.

Another benefit is that gas powered models typically have the longest warranties, so you shouldn’t worry about getting it somehow gets broken.

The Verdict

While all three options will do the job, electric ones with a cord are ideal because of their weight, maneuverability and cost. It will be light enough to not take a toll on you physically and you can still move around quite easily with a long enough cord. Your neighbors will thank you for not waking them up if you want to work early on in the day, and you won’t be producing harmful exhaust.

But, as with all purchases, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. Take a look at our Greenery Guide product reviews for more information on different weed eater models.

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