Three Brands of Weed Eaters

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The Weed eaters are known in a layman language are trimmers and work in a similar manner as the lawnmower. Different models are available, sold by different vendors.

Mostly, the engines comprise of three types, these are Battery powered engines, Gasoline, Electric engines. And just like any other machines weed eaters are manufactured and supplied by many manufacturers and there is more than enough brands available in the market to choose from.

These machines are not heavy and they make work done through high-speed spinning filament-like strings which are tight enough to trim excessive vegetation around the garden or compound. Be it flowers, grasses or a fine fence of lovely grown vegetation. The strings are replaceable upon aging instead of the hard task of sharpening metal blade as it would be with the pruning shears.

Any modern family with already established homesteads whether owned, leased or rented one, will be entitled to at least have an equipment that will help to maintain the beauty of the serene environment surrounding the homestead or office compound by keeping the grass and weeds in the check.

Comparison Chart

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger with 2 Batteries
Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String trimmer, Battery Not Included 21332
Worx WG163.4 20V Cordless 12” Grass Trimmer/Edger with Command Feed; 3 20V Batteries, and 2-hr Dual Charger included

Important of Brand Consideration while buying a Weed Eater

A high-quality machine is the one that is going to offer the best service for a long period without requiring repair or greeneryguide21-20nt of parts. To get a good weed eater that will help to maintain hidden corners, edges and those areas of the yard that lawn mower will not reach, one needs to do a lot of window shopping and research on which brand will be a lifelong companion.

One will be probably be looking for a weed eater that come with the same weight scale of features, the way they function and the design, and the longest warranty.

For you to get the best machine, a brand recommendation will be very important information to have before making the decision to eject that hard earn cash. With so many brands in the market sometimes is very difficult to know exactly the best brand to purchase.

This is why we are going to consider a review of the three premium brands of Black+Decker, Worx, and GreenWorks that have passed the test of time as the most durable and high-quality weed eaters that gardeners would never regret buying. Every single coin you spend on either or the three brands will be worth spending.

With the spring just around the corner, we are going to review the big three buyers choice of trimmers that will keep your compound in check this season and a couple of seasons to come, so that you won’t have to budget for a new machine season in season out. Or even spend too much on repairing just immediately after buying.

Leading Questions to Answer while Preparing to Buy a Weed Eater

What model and brand is the best and will suit your requirements?

Is it gas-powered, electric or batteries based?


How much are you willing to spend on the trimmers?


Here you consider the warranty and quality.

Without following any particular order, let us take a look at the 3 brands of weed eaters and see what makes them that unique and most preferred.

Three Brands of Weed Eaters


For those looking for something durable and long lasting design that is easiest to use, light and well-elaborated instructions on handling and usage, then this is the perfect brand. Depending on the size of the garden by the one powered by gas or battery for the purpose of portability.

Features of the Black+Decker Weed Eater

  • Available in both electric, gas, and battery operated power tool giving you choice and preferences
  • Can serve as a trimmer, edger and hedge clipper hence complete a number of jobs without using multiple tools.
  • Battery up to 40 voltages rechargeable with increased capacity and compatible with all lithium-ion battery system


  • It comes with an automatic line feed that replaces the worn out one
  • Very light and easy to carry around
  • Perform multiple tasks that would be done by different tools


  • It is short and can cause discomfort for tall users in long working hours
  • The spool feeds more lines than it is needed at times and this may result in wastage
  • Very thin strings cannot handle tough brush and grass

GreenWorks Weed Eater

This is a pocket-friendly high-quality trimmer that has up to 10amperes for an electric one, providing the needed power and is also compatible with the gas power attachment such that can be converted to oil and gas when portability is needed.

Features of GreenWorks Weed Eater

  • Lightweight of 5.2blbs making it easy to carry
  • Electric powered but can be converted to oil and gas
  • Easy to operate with the switch
  • Compatible replaceable spool
  • Up to 13-inch cut path with an auto feed of 0.65 dual line with adjustable handle


  • The electrically powered weed eater is compatible with gas power attachments that can be fit easily
  • Comes with an auxiliary adjustable handle
  • Manageable weight while moving around


  • Power cord is not included in the sold package and has to be purchased separately
  • It initially made for a small to medium size yards due to the limitation in the length of the cord. Though one can purchase gas attachments and fit


It is expensive to have a tool for every job that you do in the garden, this is why the WorxWeedeater is just a perfect tool for you to buy. It is a three in one equipment that has the ability to do various multiple tasks that would have been done by different tools. It saves you money and avoids being overwhelmed by equipment in the store.

Features of WorxWeedeater

  • It is a 3 in 1 tool that has the ability to triple up as a mower, trimmer, and an edge
  • Little wheels that rotate with the hold angle enabling easy adjustment
  • Short handle best for young adults willing to learn how to run chores outside


  • It is the best if there is a requirement of more than one tool in the garden
  • Easily and understandable user guides
  • Comes with a length that will be comfortable to the majority of people


  • Has been found to have short battery life
  • Not comfortable to tall individuals, they will end up complaining of back aches during long hours of working
  • Steering and getting used to the wheels are tricky and takes time


In conclusion, the three weed eaters combined have a great strength that you are probably going to select among them the best that suits your needs.

If for instance, you find yourself in need of more than one tool, say you need the edge, the trimmer, and the mower at the same time, then the perfect tool for you will be Worx and Black+Decker. These two has the ability to perform all those jobs instead of having each tool for a particular task.

Similarly, having a garden that has shape edges or full of stones and landscape that will make it difficult for a mower to yield the best result, GreenWorks weed eater will be ideal to this particular land.

And for any property requiring more than just a simple mower, the string trimmer is the best solution and more so if it is the black and decker brand. This meets your trimming, edging and simple hedging needs.

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