Solo, Inc. Solo 421 Chest-Mount Spreader Review 2021

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Solo, Inc. Solo 421 Chest-Mount Spreader: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money


Environmental Friendliness

What We Like

  • Multi-purpose
  • Inexpensive
  • Quick assembly
  • Durable
  • High capacity
  • Adjustable
  • User-friendly
  • Large and even spread
  • High-quality components

What We Don't Like

  • The control lever is in a slightly awkward position
  • Can’t use the spreader with a mix of different sized seeds
  • Spreading and cranking can be hard for left-handed people

Whether it’s for your front lawn, backyard garden, or a small farm, spreading seeds and other substances can be a tiresome chore. Even more so if the area in question is relatively large and you have to do it all by hand. Thankfully, those days are gone when you had to carry bucket after bucket across the land to manually spread your seeds.

Instead, now we have hand-held spreaders to do the job for you. Along with providing much-needed ease, they are also very versatile and inexpensive.

However, hastily buying the first spreader you see can become more of a headache than convenience. Thus, we’ve prepared this thorough review of one of the most popular spreaders.

Solo, Inc. Solo 421 Chest-Mount Spreader Review

Solo, Inc. was founded by two brothers in 1948 who also happened to be engineers. In 1951, for the first time, they were able to design machines that didn’t require a lot of men to operate and could be used solo. Hence, the name Solo, Inc..

More than seventy years later, Solo Inc. is now considered one of the leading brands worldwide for one-hand, backpack, and hand-held compression sprayers. Besides compression sprayers, their other products include cut-off machines, mist blowers, air blowers, and most importantly, spreaders.

Their superior quality and durable products make them the first choice for many landscapers, farmers, and construction workers. Those are why we chose the Solo 421 Spreader to review today.


This product boasts the following qualities:

  • Build

The Solo 421 Spreader has a solid build that’ll be hard to find anywhere else. It has an impressively large capacity of 20 pounds, so you don’t need to make frequent trips to refill it each time.

The spreader itself measures approximately 11 x 10.5 x 20 inches and weighs 5.5 pounds when empty. Therefore, it doesn’t feel too chunky or heavy when you’re using it.

Inside the spreader, you’ll find rugged polyethylene and high-quality stainless steel components that ensure rust-free and clog-free operation. There is also a fully enclosed gearbox with well-lubricated gears that not only provide durability but also make the whole spreader very smooth to use.

  • Spread

Regardless of how large the area is, what kind of terrain it has, or what you’re broadcasting, the Solo 421 will give you a nice and even spread. It is designed in such a way that the substance or material flows evenly from the agitator as you turn the crank handle, which leads to a smooth and uniform spread.

The spreader has 180 degrees adjustable direction, so you don’t need to turn all the time. Depending on the material, the spreader can throw anywhere between four and 12 feet distance.

  • Ease of Use

The best thing about the Solo 421 is how easy it is to use. It has tons of features that make it incredibly user-friendly. Starting from the top, it has a six-inch opening that is easy to fill.

Additionally, the screw-on cap prevents the material from slipping out on to you. Nonetheless, you are still recommended to wear protective eye gear and gloves as a safety precaution.

The spreader comes with a padded carry strap so that you can mount the spreader on your chest and use it comfortably. The spreader has a straightforward operation where you turn the crank handle with one hand and control direction, volume, and flow with the other.

The control lever is also quite sensitive, which ensures precise spreading without a lot of struggle. The spreader is reasonably easy to assemble as well. With proper and regular maintenance and storage, the spreader should last you a long time.

  • Versatility

Just because you’re not into farming or gardening doesn’t mean this product is irrelevant for you. Fundamentally, Solo 421 is a spreader, and it can spread a wide range of substances.

For instance, you can spread seeds, bird seeds, oil absorbers, ice melters, sand, salt, cleaning agents, fertilizers, feedstock, wild game feed, and more. You can use the spreader comfortably over various kinds of terrain for numerous purposes.


From what we can tell, the Solo, Inc. Solo 421 Chest-Mount Spreader is a must-have for any household. Its portability, spread control, large capacity, and ease of use, all these factors contribute to its effectiveness and versatility.

Just do note that its control lever has a somewhat awkward position and left-handed individuals might have problems with its spreading and cranking features. Additionally, you cannot use it to spread a combination of differently sized seeds at a time.


We know the Solo 421 Spreader sounds too good to be true, but a quick comparison will put all your doubts and worries to rest. Accordingly, we’ll compare the Solo 421 with the Earthway Hand-Operated Nylon Bag Spreader, which is another popular brand for spreaders.

Similar to the Solo 421, the Earthway Spreader also has a comfortable strap to carry it, flow rate, and directional control. It also has well-protected internal components.

The operation is straightforward. The nylon hopper is fairly durable and weather-resistant. Likewise, the Earthway is slightly better in some ways too.

The nylon construction also means it can easily be folded and stored away. It also has a zip which makes the nylon bag easy to open and close.

However, there are areas where the Earthway Spreader lags as compared to Solo 421. It has a larger capacity of 25 pounds. With that large capacity, the Earthway can be dangerous for your back when it’s full.

Furthermore, nylon is not as durable as the Solo’s plastic hopper. It can also be harder to fill. Most importantly, the Earthway is not very versatile. It is mainly for spreading seeds, and so, it’ll be useless if you require it for any other purposes.

The Final Verdict

While the Earthway spreader has its own merits, we’re going to pick Solo Inc. Solo 421 Spreader for today. Its convenient and impressive features put it way ahead of other spreaders in the market for the same price range and make it the perfect choice for you.

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