Monstera Dubia: How to Buy and Care for this Monstera Variety

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How to Purchase and Look After a Monstera Dubia Plant

If you are looking for a new and interesting houseplant to purchase, a Monstera variety is a great choice. They are a few different options to choose from, and one that is particularly beautiful is the Monstera Dubai.

The Monstera Dubai is often overlooked because it does not look like a typical Monstera. However, it is such a fantastic plant to own and it is fairly easy to care for too!

In this article, we will be talking you through some interesting information about Monstera Dubai. We will be teaching you how to easily look after it and where the best places to purchase this plant are.

What is a Monstera Dubai Plant?

Monstera Dubai plants are a Monstera variety, but they look slightly different in comparison to the Adansonii and Pinnatipartita varieties for example. Monstera plants are typically known for the holes in their leaves. They are often referred to as “swiss cheese plants” because of this.

However, the Monstera Dubai, unlike the other varieties does not feature holes in its leaves. It is also a smaller house plant overall. While it may not have the quintessential Monstera look to it it should not be overlooked!

Its leaves have silvery speckles on them and are also green and brown in appearance. The leaves are heart-shaped, and this Monstera is typically smaller in comparison to the other varieties.

While other monstera plants are referred to as “swiss cheese”, the Monstera Dubai is commonly known as a shingle plant because its leaves are flat when they climb trees in its natural habitat.

What is interesting about the Monstera Dubai is that it completely changes when it is exposed to sunlight or reaches maturity. While this does not always occur in a Montera Dubai houseplant, in the wild the Dubai can change in appearance almost completely.

The leaves become a much darker shade of green and fenestrations begin to occur. A mature Monstera Dubai looks rather different from a younger one if this process occurs.

Where to Purchase a Montera Dubai

The majority of other Monstera plants are widely available to purchase. They are popular and can be purchased in many different stores. However, as the Monstera Dubai is the less common variety to purchase as a house plant, you may find it more difficult to purchase this plant.

It is unlikely that you will be able to find this variety of Monstera in stores such as Costco or Lowes because they are not the most common variety. While this is disappointing, thankfully, there are many alternative places to purchase this variety.

The best place to find this variety would be online. While you may be able to find a dedicated website that sells this houseplant, the two best places to start your search would be eBay or Etsy.

As this is the least common form of Monstera, it is more expensive in comparison to the other varieties which can usually be purchased on a budget. This variety tends to be aimed at those who are particularly interested in this variety of houseplant.

There are a handful of online sellers that specialize in less common house plants and you will likely come across these sellers on both websites. eBay and Etsy allow you the option of chatting with the seller about the items. This is great as it will allow you to ask any questions you may have about this plant.

This will allow you to find out information such as how the plant is shipped, how large the plant is currently, and how mature it is.

Looking After Your Monstera Dubai

Once you have acquired a Monstera Dubai, you will need to ensure that you are correctly caring for it. As this is not the cheapest of houseplants to purchase, you will want to care for it as best as possible.

There are a few different aspects that you need to consider in regards to caring for this beautiful plant, all of which are fairly straight forward:


As with any type of houseplant, a Montera Dubai must receive sufficient light for photosynthesis. While the plant should not be placed directly in sunlight, it will need natural light.

Every so often you should rotate the pot to ensure that all of the plants are receiving an equal amount of light. Placing the plant in direct sunlight will cause the leaves to damage.


The soil you use for you Monstera Dubai is important. The soil you use should have the ability to retain a good amount of moisture.

Some types of soil that are good options include peat moss and peaty soil. In addition to this, the soil should not be too acidic as this can damage the plant.

Water and Plant Food

Water and plant food are an essential part of keeping a plant alive and healthy. While Montera Dubai plants do not need an excessive amount of water, they need to stay hydrated. You want to avoid allowing the soil to dry out.

Ideally, you should water the plant a small amount once a week, if it is particularly warm, it may require additional watering, however.

In addition to water, around 3 to 4 times a year you should feed it with indoor plant fertilizer to ensure that it is receiving all of the nutrients it requires.


As the Monstera Dubai plant will climb, they must be given a pole or trellis and sufficient support to do this.

Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity is another aspect that needs to be considered. Ideally, a Monstera Dubai should be kept in a room where the temperature does not exceed 80F.

If the temperature is above this, the plant will struggle to stay alive as it is too warm. The humidity should sit at around 50% for a Monstera Dubai to thrive.


We hope that you have found this article insightful. As you can see, Monstera Dubai’s are particularly interesting plants to keep. If you like Monstera plants, they are a variety worth purchasing.

While they are more expensive to purchase and more difficult to find in comparison to the more popular varieties, they are just as easy to keep and they are certainly worth considering.

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