How to Use A Weed Eater

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If your garden or yard is getting unruly, it’s again time to take out that weed eater and get to work. This is without doubt one of the best power tools you can use to give your yard and garden a well-shaped appearance.

Similar to other power tools on the market, these tools are also available in electric, gas-powered and cordless versions. In this article we will tell you how to use a weed eater to get best results and also give you a few tips to stay safe while trimming.

First of all, check the condition of the grass. If it has rained or the grass is wet, consider doing it some other day. Trimming the grass when it is wet is a bad idea because you may slip, slide or fall to injure yourself or damage the weed eater. Furthermore, you will not be able to use the device to its maximum potential when the grass is wet.

When the outside conditions are favorable, you can go ahead and use the tool. You need to first get it ready for use. If you have a gas-powered trimmer, check to see whether the gas tank has been filled to its capacity.

If you are using an electric device then you need to plug in the device to a reliable source of power. With a battery-powered trimmer, make sure that the battery has been fully charged before you want to use it.

Hold the weed eater firmly to the ground, as close as possible to start the process of weeding. You should be able to find a comfortable position before you switch on the device. As you move forward, you can keep trimming the grass while demolishing weeds. For best results, make sure you follow a steady side-to-side motion as you go forward.

If there are rocks in the garden, remember to remove them before using the weed eater. Rocks can significantly weaken the nylon cutting thread, requiring you to replace the strings frequently; being careful can go a long way and save you money.

The weeds or grass should start cutting the moment you run the machine over it. If it doesn’t cut well, you might need to pull out some more string. There are some models that come with a button that allows you to access the spool of string, while others let you manually pull out the string. For best results, pull out at least 6” of string and then resume your task.

Make sure you do not cut the weeds or grass down to the ground using the machine because it will slice up the dirt making your yard, and gouge out holes, making your yard look a mess. We suggest that you cut 2” off the ground for best results.

Take a break for a few minutes if you notice any kind of strain. If you work continuously without taking a break, you will feel a strain on your arms and spine. If you have a back problem, you can wear a brace while working in your yard.

Safety tips when using a weed eater

  • Make sure you wear protective clothing and goggles when using a weed eater; this will prevent small particles or debris from hurting you
  • Avoid wearing shorts when using a weed eater. Instead wear heavy trousers made from rugged material to give you extra protection. We recommend that you wear good quality safety shoes to keep your feet protected and prevent accidental falls
  • You must check the ground before your start trimming to remove bits of rocks, pebbles, metal and glass
  • Be careful to not hit cables when using an electric or gas powered weed eater. Even if it does not cut the cord, it could cause damage
  • When using a weed eater to clean your yard, make sure people do not get hurt by flying debris. The debris may potentially travel as far as the eye level. So, be careful if there are people standing nearby; you might want to wait until they have moved away before you can continue.

Read our safety article before operating!


Trimming can give the perfect final touch to your newly mown lawn. If you follow the instructions and use proper safety measures while working, you can have a great looking yard in no time.

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