How to Restring A Weed Eater

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When you want a perfect looking garden, a weed eater comes handy to cut unwanted bushes and trim unruly grass, even in the most difficult-to-reach areas. It can remove heavy weeds within minutes giving your garden a cleaner and well-shaped look.

However, the constant contact with rocks, concrete, weeds and other hard objects often causing the plastic string in a weed eater to wear out. Sometimes, all it takes is a few taps on the head of the tool to loosen it up and give you a few extra inches of the string.

After the reserve strings in the spool have been used, you need to restring a weed eater so that it can work without interruption. In this article, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to restring a weed eater.

Step 1

To restring a weed eater, you first need to remove the spool cover. Push in the locks and turn it in anti-clockwise motion to unscrew the ring attached to the trimmer head.

This will release the spool inside the weed eater. The mechanism to remove the spool cover might differ between various weed eater models. Now that you are able to access the spool, remove it from the trimmer head.

Step 2

You may place the weed eater upside down to easily access the spool of strings. Next, take out the spool of strings. To do this, push the two tabs holding the strings in place.

Step 3

When you want to remove the spool of string from the weed eater, firmly press on the tap button that is located at the bottom of the spool.

Step 4

After you have removed the old spool of string, it’s now time to replace it with a new one. You may either use a pre-strung spool or re-string the existing spool. Restringing the spool takes a lot of time but it is worth it because it saves you a lot of time.

Step 5

Before you get on with the re-stringing of the spool, take some time to clean the debris that might get caught up in the weed eater. Remove any traces of grass or weeds so that you can clearly see the interior.

Step 6

To start the re-stringing process, place one end of the string into the anchor hole, and then wind the entire string in an anti-clockwise direction. You must always make sure that you use string that has the same thickness and same length as the older string.

Step 7

Take the free end of the string and put it through the opening in the exit hole that can be easily located in the hub of housing spool area. The spool notch should be perfectly aligned to ensure that it goes in the right place.

Step 8

After you are done with re-stringing the spool, you need to press the spool to place it correctly in its place. You know that it has been positioned correctly when you hear the click sound. Now, place the spool cover back and tighten the screw. Wiggle the retaining ring to double check the fit so that it stays secure in its place and doesn’t come off when you use the weed eater.


To get the best results, make sure that you use the correct length and thickness of string. You might need to cut the string 15 to 25 feet in length. It is extremely important to use the correct greeneryguide21-20nt size. If you buy a size that is longer than what is recommended by the manufacturer, it might result in the engine wearing out faster.

Make sure you consult the manufacturer’s manual to determine what the right size to buy is. If by chance you cut the string longer than what is needed, you may cut the extra part after winding the spool.

Once you have correctly placed the spool in its position, and everything has been aligned properly, and the cover is on, go ahead and get back to work; your string trimmer is now ready to tackle those tough chores.

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