BLACK+DECKER LST136W String Trimmer Review (updated for 2022)

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The Black+Decker LST136W string trimmer is a battery-powered weed eater that comes from the house of Black & Decker, a company that has been designing innovative power tools, yard care equipment, home cleaning products, automotive lighting products, and accessories since 1910.

What started as a small shop in Baltimore has evolved over the years to become a global marketing and manufacturing powerhouse. The Black & Decker LST136W String Trimmer is one of its high-quality products that promises to clean your yard and remove all weeds in an efficient manner. Let’s find out whether it fulfills its claims.



It’s always important to take a deep look at what a string trimmer offers even past shaft length and power source. Let’s take a closer look in this Black+Decker LST136W string trimmer review. 

Power Source

You’ll be able to get even larger lawn sizes cut through in no time with a considerable 40V MAX lithium-ion battery. This extra voltage also offers a longer run time as well. With most 20V string trimmers you can expect about 30-40 minutes runtime…you can expect more like an hour with this guy, during typical grass maintenance/light edging use!  Since this is a larger size battery than your common power tools would be, it’s nice that this includes a charger. 


When you take a look at the LST136W, you will be impressed by its sleek and smart design. It’s eye-catching yet also fairly husky looking, giving the sense that this tool was built to last. The innovative design promises to deliver a high level of cutting efficiency.


You can enjoy cordless convenience with this 13” weed eater. It weighs just under 10 pounds so it’s light on your back without compromising power deliverability.

The 44-inch length gives you a great reach without being unbalanced. It also offers an easy heigh adjustment if you need to shorten it some to be more comfortable. 

String Size

This trimmer has a very fine 0.065″ string line to give an absolutely laser-clean cut. You won’t be cutting through bigger brush, but for the average grass along the landscaping or walks, you’ll be the job done with a clean cut every time.

With an automatic feed spool, you don’t even need to do the bump feed method to get more line! That makes this string trimmer one of the easiest and most convenient to work with. 

Motor + Controls

The PowerCommand dial is a really nice feature. When you hit a thicker spot, you can put it on MAX power to get the job done. When you’re doing lighter duty trimming, you can switch to MAX runtime and back off the juice some. 


We love that this string trimmer can switch from a trimmer to an edger with just a quick turn of the shaft. 



Pros & Cons


  • The exclusive PowerDrive Transmission by Black & Decker LST136W ensures that you are able to trim grass precisely, even in hard-to-reach areas where you cannot cut with a mower. This is helpful in maintaining a clean and neat edge alongside hard surfaces.
  • The Black & Decker LST136W is a battery-operated device which means that you get the freedom of working cordless. The powerful 40-volt MAX lithium-ion battery delivers a good amount of power with a brilliant runtime.
  • The PowerCommand dial is an amazing feature that makes this weed eater a highly efficient power tool. You can use this device to get your job done more efficiently and much faster.
  • It allows you to shift between two modes of speed max power (8,500 RPM) and max runtime (6,500 RPM). While max power can help you deal with thick weeds with ease, max runtime enables you to save the battery life to help it run for a longer time.
  • The PowerDrive transmission design of the tool adds more power and force to LST136W to enable it to cut two times faster and more branches at a time. The LST136W head can be easily rotated 180° to help you switch between edging and cutting tasks with ease.
  • The automatic feed spool system works on centrifugal force to dispense extra line when you need it for dependability and predictability. This prevents bumping so that you can enjoy a smooth work time.
  • The new Black & Decker LST136W comes with 40-volt MAX lithium-ion batteries that deliver up to 33 percent enhanced battery-pack capacity on a single charge. The power tool is also fully compatible with the 40-volt lithium-ion battery which comes with a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, sweeper vac, and a blower vac.
  • The battery can be easily removed when the weed eater is not in use. It can be recharged in the garage or shed using the charger that comes in the pack.
  • The LST136W is lightweight and well-balanced so it does not cause strain. Almost anyone can use this powerful tool with ease. It is reasonably priced and gives you good value for your money. The 2-year warranty ensures that you can easily get parts replaced if something gets damaged or broken during that period.
  • 2- year limited warranty


  • Cannot be used to cut the thick bushes.
  • Lasts for only 15 minutes on high power, and it can last for about 1 hour on medium power.
  • It is advisable that you use the low power for standard grass cutting and weed removal tasks. The tool consumes a lot of line and if you have a large-sized yard, it will not last long enough to complete the job.


Black & Decker LST136W String Trimmer Review – FAQ

Is thicker trimmer line better? This model has thinner string than many out there. 

It’s true that the tougher the job you’re trying to tackle, the thicker line you’d want. You’re not going to easily cut through a tree with a nearly paper-thin Sawzall blade, after all, but the average 1/4 inch or so thick chainsaw teeth tend to have no trouble. 

This tool is definitely not designed to be used in “rough and tough” applications like maintaining the edge of field trails or cutting down branch suckers off of the base of trees. But for the average well-maintained/-manicured lawns, this will be a nice lighter-weight option to quickly and efficiently get those stray grass blades under control. 

Is 40V better than 20V? 

Typically a higher voltage means more power capacity/more power available. This offers you the advantage of more power able to be delivered during the cut, as well as a better functional life/usage from this tool. When a 40V battery is aged to where it’s only running at half its original capability, you’ll still be left with something like a 20V tool in terms of runtime and overall “oomph.” 

What string trimmer do professionals use? 

Generally speaking, you’ll find gas-powered string trimmers to be the type that most professional landscaping companies use. They offer an overall better power to tackle whatever might be found in a yard, the gas power source can last longer than a battery AND can be refilled again and again without the need to find a place to plug in a battery or tool to recharge between jobs. 

Since most homeowners don’t need that sort of power flexibility or on-and-off/on-demand power need (you typically trim your yard and you’re done for a few days), you likely do not need the same thing that the pros use! 



The Black & Decker LST136W String Trimmer allows you to cut with precision, which is good if you are working around small trees or flowers.

If you live in a city or suburban setting where you need to perform general-purpose trimming tasks to keep your garden well maintained, the LST136W is a good choice. With the quick flip from trimmer to edger you’ll have your yard well-manicured in almost no time, without breaking your back with a heavy tool. 


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