Best Trimmer Line in 2021: Three Products for the Perfect Lawn

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If you have a lawn or yard to maintain, then chances are, you already own a string trimmer. After all, they are one of the most effective machines used to trim grass and weed. Then again, sometimes, having one in your arsenal is not enough—you also have to find the best trimmer line that offers a clean and quick cut.

Trimmer lines are also known as string lines. They come in a wide range of options that fit varying needs, which basically depends on the type of grass and weed one intends to cut. If you have thick grass, then you would need a multi-sided trimmer line such as the square and star. A string line with a wide diameter is also needed for thicker and taller grass types.

Comparison Chart

WORX WA0010 6-Pack Replacement Trimmer Line for Select Electric String Trimmers
DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line, 225-Feet by 0.080-Inch
Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

Best Trimmer Line: Our Top Three Picks

A quick search online would show you that there is a vast selection of trimmer lines that you can choose from—both from well-known brands like DeWalt and upcoming brands such as Arnold and Worx. Below, we are going to review three trimmer lines in hopes to find the perfect one for you.

The Worx WA0010 6-Pack Replacement Trimmer Line

This product from Worx, which also goes by the name DNA2 Double Helix Line, boasts six spools of helix design strings that are 10 feet long each, providing you with a total of 60 feet. It is made from copolymer nylon resin, which not only makes it strong and durable but also liable and flexible enough to stretch when something hard hits it.

While it may seem soft to the touch, do not assume that it won’t cut through grass and weed well. Backed by its 100-pound tensile strength, it can easily cut through weed and other hard stuff in your lawn. This is also so much more than what most trimmer lines can offer.

In part, its strength is also caused by its aerodynamic design that allows it to be efficient in cutting and have less drag. The six-pools-in-one pack ensures that you are never out of a good quality greeneryguide21-20nt string line. However, this works only with select models of string trimmers, especially Worx string trimmers.


  • Flexible yet strong
  • Increases edging life
  • Does not break when comes in contact with stones or other hard objects
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Gives a nice edge


  • Does not work with string trimmer heads from other brands

The DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line from DeWalt

This string trimmer line is manufactured by DeWalt, a brand known throughout the world for selling quality and reliable products. DeWalt is a US-based manufacturer that is not only considered as an industry leader but also rated as the pioneer in the industry. They have been in this business for almost a hundred years.

The DeWalt DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line may be just one of their many products, but it is worth mentioning. Each spool of 0.080-inch strings spans 225 feet long. With its impact-resistant and flexible characteristics, you can say that this is not your run-of-the-mill kind of string trimmer line that does not last long.

Like the trimmer line we discussed above, this one also has an aerodynamic design that makes it ideal for cordless cutting. It comes in a licorice shape that not only cut through weed more efficiently but also eliminates the need to rewind five or six times as you would with low-quality strings.

The good thing about this trimmer line is that you can use it with virtually any string trimmer from any brand. Naturally, though, it would be even better if you use it on a DeWalt string trimmer. There are also other diameters available for the same string if your string trimmer takes a thicker string line.


  • Strong and high-resistant
  • Generous length of the spool
  • Thicker than default lines
  • Does not require a lot of rewinds
  • Made in the US


  • May not work if the weed is too heavy or the grass is too thick

The Arnold 0.065-inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

The Arnold 0.065-inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line is great with both gasoline and electric string trimmers. It is a 220-feet long spool, which offers approximately 11 refills. It also comes with a cutting tool to help you cut a greeneryguide21-20nt string line for your string trimmer easily.

This trimmer line comes in a six-point star shape, which means it is efficient enough for thicker grass and heavy weed. As it has multiple sides, it can grab the weed and grass easily compared to other common shapes, like round and square.

Arnold is another highly reputable brand that has decades of experience in this industry. They manufacture high-quality strings that are made using state of the art technology. You can use this with virtually any string trimmer head that requires a 0.065 inches diameter string line.


  • Offers good enough length to last for years
  • Offers cleaner and smoother cut
  • Can cut through heavier weed and thicker grass


  • Multi-sided string lines break quickly
  • Cannot be used on areas with hidden rocks or hard materials

The Verdict

Taking into consideration every feature, pro, and con of the three products above, which do you think is the best trimmer line? Well, it all depends on your unique needs. While they are among the best options available on the market, each of them has their some limitations too.

For instance, the Worx WA0010 6-Pack greeneryguide21-20nt trimmer line is very cost effective, that’s true. However, it is for limited use only. If you want to buy for long-term use, then either the DeWalt or the Arnold spool is better. Both are well-known brands and offer more than 200 feet of string line.

For thicker grass, we believe the Arnold 0.065-inch Maxi-Edge is the best option as the star-shaped, multi-sided trimmer line can cut through heavier weed with ease and can offer you a cleaner cut. On the other hand, if you want a trimmer line that offers more resistance against hidden hard objects in your yard, and does not break easily, DeWalt is the best option.

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