Best Greenhouses for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Growing a plant is not an easy thing since plants require a lot of care and attention. Otherwise, they might get fried up on a particularly hot day or freeze and die during winters or even fall prey to pests and bugs.

If you’ve already encountered a similar situation and want to avoid it, what you need is the best greenhouse for your precious plants. A good greenhouse will provide all kinds of protection which will lead to healthy plants that live for a long time.

Comparison Chart

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, 27″ Long x 18″ Wide x 63″ High
Gosunny 4-Anchors Include Walk in Greenhouse, Green(56″ W x 56 “D x 77” H)
Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Reinforced Mini Cloche Greenhouse 95″ WX 36″ D X 36″ / 71″ WX 36″ D X 36″ H Portable Green Hot House- 50 Pcs T-Type Plant Tags Include (71″ X 36″ X 36″)

Best Greenhouses: Our Top Three Picks

While you might be tempted to build a DIY greenhouse, getting a proper greenhouse will not only be easier but also more effective in the long run. Accordingly, after a thorough search, we’ve found the three great greenhouses for you to get started.

1. Gardman R687 Four-Tier Mini Greenhouse

If your small backyard or lack of adequate space has been holding you back from living up to your full gardening potential, you need to get this Gardman Greenhouse right away. Its space-saving design will give you the freedom to grow all the plants you like. Here are the features of this product:

  • Build

This mini greenhouse has a four-tier design that you can set up anywhere. The vertical structure doesn’t need much space, so whether it’s on the patio or balcony, it’ll fit comfortably. Its dimensions are 27 x 18 x 63 inches.

The greenhouse has a tubular steel frame that is powder-coated for extra strength. Also, the cover over it is made of clear polyethylene to provide visibility and protection. The whole greenhouse is made using high-quality materials, making it durable yet lightweight so that you can move it around your house if you desire.

  • Protection

The transparent polyethylene cover is thick and sturdy to protect your plants from various threats. It is water-resistant in case you live in an area which experiences frequent rain. It is also bug resistant, so you don’t need to spend extra on bug sprays and pesticides.

The cover can ensure an ideal climate for the plants since it is neither too hot nor too cold. This means all your seedlings and flowers grow fast and healthy.

  • Ease of Use

From setting it up for the first time to using it daily, this greenhouse is quite user-friendly. The steel frame uses a push-fit system which can be set up in minutes and that too, without any tools.

The cover is clear so that you can easily see the progress of your plants. It is also removable for when you want to clean it or move it.

Additionally, the cover has a zippered, rolling-up door that provides easy access to the plants. Besides that, the greenhouse comes with metal stakes and ropes, which ensure stability during windy weather.


  • checkVertical, space-saving design
  • checkFour tiers
  • checkEasy access
  • checkQuick assembly
  • checkClear, removable cover
  • checkProvides great protection to plants


  • No pan under the greenhouse

2. Gosunny Deluxe Green House

You will truly feel like you’re standing in the finest and fanciest greenhouse with this Walk-In Deluxe Greenhouse from Gosunny. From your seeds to mature plants, all of them will have a nourishing and wholesome home to grow up in. Here are the things it can offer:

  • Build

This greenhouse has dimensions of 56 x 56 x 77 inches, which provide ample space for a large number of plants and also enough space for you to stand in it comfortably. With three tiers on both sides, there are a total of twelve shelves. There is also a tubular steel frame with green powder coating for an added layer of protection.

The exterior is a 140G PE mesh reinforced, green cover. Nonetheless, even with all of this, the greenhouse only weighs less than 24 pounds, making it easy to carry or move.

  • Protection

The cover on this greenhouse is made using heavy-duty material. This prevents deterioration such as tears in the cover and helps maintain a controlled and consistent environment inside the greenhouse.

The cover also has UV protection, which allows a healthy amount of sunlight to pass through to the plants. It is also sufficiently thick for protecting the plants from cold weather. The cover is waterproof as well.

  • Ease of Use

Despite its large size, this Gosunny Greenhouse is fairly easy to assemble and use. There are a zippered door and Velcro windows which allow easy access for you and let your plants breathe.

The package comes along with nails and ropes to secure the greenhouse better. Additionally, the frame is rust-resistant, which is quite convenient.


  • checkLarge space
  • checkWell protective cover
  • checkSturdy frame
  • checkPortable
  • checkEasy assembly
  • checkAccessible door and windows
  • checkWaterproof


  • The shelves can’t handle too much weight

3. Quictent Mini Cloche Greenhouse

With a popular and renowned brand such as Quictent, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting one of the best greenhouses available. Let’s learn more about its features.

  • Build

Measuring 71 x 36 x 36 inches, this greenhouse is fairly large. While it lacks in height, it makes up through the length. You can use it inside or outside on the ground.

Similar to the other greenhouses, the Quictent also has a steel frame with heavy-duty powder coating. It also features a transparent PVC cover that comes with ropes so that you can seal the greenhouse properly and retain heat.

  • Protection

Due to its high-quality cover and proper sealing capability, the greenhouse offers superior protection. It can protect the plants from extreme weather conditions, be it hot or cold. If you live in a windy place, the greenhouse can withstand that too and will prevent dust from getting in.

The cover has UV protection and is water-resistant. Additionally, the greenhouse ensures that your plants are not eaten by keeping bugs out.

  • Ease of Use

Since the greenhouse has an easy setup and other protective features, you can move it anywhere and use it comfortably without worrying about its effectiveness. Many users have reported an increase in the germination rate after using the Quictent Greenhouse.

The greenhouse also has two windows with zippers which allow you to attend to your plants without having to take the whole thing apart. The package includes fifty pieces of white tags, as well, to aid you in your gardening.


  • checkEasy to set up and use
  • checkPortable
  • checkHandy windows
  • checkHigh level of protection
  • checkSeals nicely
  • checkUV protected
  • checkWaterproof


  • The plastic can be a bit thin for extreme weathers

The Final Verdict

All three greenhouses are excellent because of their wide range of features. With that being said, we’re totally in love with the Gosunny Deluxe Green House. There’s just something about walking into a greenhouse that gives its own pleasure.

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