Battery Powered Vs Gas Powered

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Keeping the lawn well mowed and hedges trim and neat require dedicated and consistent work. It can be done professionally by a landscaper, or as do-it-yourself. Whichever way, one thing that is required is the right tool for the job.

This tool is none other than the weed eater or trimmer. Weed eaters come in various forms, the main difference being the source of power that runs them.  There are three types of weed eaters: electric, gas, and battery powered.

They all function the same way, the only difference lying in their source of power. When you want to purchase one,you will have to decide which one you prefer in relation to the kind of yard you need to trim. Before you make your purchase though, there are some important features you must look out for in a good weed eater. We explore some of them below.

What to look for in a Weed Eater

Before you make your purchase, pay close attention to the following features that weed out good trimmers from the not so good.


You are going to carry the trimmer around as you cut the weeds or trim the fence. The lighter the trimmer, the easier it to handle and maneuver. You could opt for one with shoulder straps as it helps remove the burden from your arms.

Trimming capability

You want to trim tough weeds and rough hedges? Lookout for trimmers with tough dual nylon lines of at least .08 inches.


As you trim, there will be lots of debris flying all over the place. Ensure your choice of trimmer has a protective shield to keep you safe from injury.

Throttle Lock

Good trimmers have a trigger lock mechanism that easily locks when the machine is not in use. This ensures that there is no inadvertent running of the cutting head which could be harmful. Ensure that your choice of trimmer has an easily accessible trigger lock.

Motor Noise and Vibration

Trimmers are known for their noise. Gas trimmers are especially loud and irritating. The motor also vibrates a lot and this can lead to fatigued and numb hands.However, the latest models have been modified to reduce noise emission and lower vibration. Look out for these.


Your trimmer should balance well for you to navigate hard to reach areas. Look out for trimmers with adjustable handles that will allow you to maneuver around without losing your balance.


A trimmer should be one of those items you buy once in a lifetime. Look out for a trimmer made from a high-quality material, with a great design that is going to last you many years. Be especially cognizant of the warranty period, the longer the warranty period, the more likely it is that the product is of good quality.

Benefits of a Battery Powered Trimmer

Battery powered trimmers hold their place in the landscaping world for various reasons.Here we explore some of them:


The Earth is choking with pollution. From motor vehicles to factories, there is just too much pollution than we can handle. That is why battery powered appliances are becoming ever so popular due to the limited emissions that they produce. They produce less air and noise pollution thereby giving the Earth a fighting chance.

Light and convenient

Battery powered trimmers are liked for their light weight and ease of use. They are generally easy to operate and can be maneuvered to fit in the tightest of places. And they are a perfect in cases of prolonged power outage.


Most advanced batteries can run for a long as 2 hours before they run out of charge. This is a long enough time for you to accomplish a lot of weeding.You can then recharge the battery as you also take a break from the tedious work.


No doubt the battery powered trimmer is the most affordable of all the gas trimmers available in the market. So you can easily purchase one without leaving a major dent in your pocket.

Benefits of Gas Powered Weed Eaters

Gas powered weed eaters are dominant in the trimming business. They typically exclusively use gas, although in some cases they may use a mixture of gas and oil. They are loved for many reasons, some of which we mention below:


Gas powered trimmers get the work done, fast. They cut more, for longer periods than their counterparts. They do need recharging hence are save on time and energy.


Trimmers that run on gas are easy to use. They can be carried anywhere since they do not have extension cords. They, therefore, can be maneuvered to reach hard to access areas.

Powerful motor

Gas powered trimmers are known for their sheer power and capacity to trim even the toughest of weeds. This motor is user-friendly and adaptable for use with many other appliances.

Edging and Clean finish

Most gas trimmers are equipped with a rotating swivel head for a perfect edging position. This makes them the preferable option since they combine the power of cutting and an excellent finish

Functioning Differences between Gas Powered and Battery Powered Weed Eaters

Whether powered by gas or by battery, weed eaters basically function the same. The major differences we encounter arise from their power source. Here are some of them.

To begin with, whereas battery powered trimmers rely on a battery to power it, gas trimmers either use gas only or a combination of oil and gas. Secondly, battery trimmers run for a shorter time before running out of power whereas the gas powered ones go on for longer.

Furthermore, gas trimmers have more emissions than battery-powered ones both in terms of noise and vibration. For this reason, battery powered trimmers are considered more eco-friendly.

Lastly, in terms of performance, gas trimmers certainly have the upper hand. Not only are they more powerful and efficient, they can also be relied upon to manage even the toughest of growths.


When it comes to keeping your lawn well-manicured, nothing beats a good weed eater, be it battery or gas powered.

Considering that there are many models of both categories, it is paramount that you do your research well before you select one that can serve you for a long period efficiently.

We have pointed out some of the features of good trimmers and these factors should help make your work easier. Remember also that both gas and battery trimmers are basically the same machines and if well maintained by regular servicing and oiling, they can last a lifetime.

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