Are Battery Powered Weed Eaters Any Good? The Surprising Answer

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Are battery powered weed eaters any good? This question can somehow give the impression that the answer can be complicated, yet the truth is, it is answerable by a simple yes or no. We are going to answer it for you, of course. But first, let’s understand the reasons behind it.

For you to really know why or why not battery powered weed eaters are good or not, you first have to understand what it means to be a good weed eater. Therefore, today, we are going to list down some characteristics you have to look out for in order to know if what you have is good or bad.

More than that, we are also going to talk about some factors to consider when you are going to choose the best weed eater for you. Certainly, by the end of this post, you will know if the answer to the first question is a yes or a no.

Itching to find out what the answer is? Let’s get started then!

The Basis of “Being Good”

You really cannot brand something as being good or bad based on its face value. Surely, you have to enumerate some factors that can be universally accepted. These include the nature of the weed you plan on cutting, the power of your device, and the level of convenience that it offers. Let us discuss each of them briefly.

  • Nature of the Weed

By default, weeds do not grow as tall as grass overgrowth. However, it does stick out from the rest of the grass—that’s just its nature. Accordingly, weeds are not really rooted in the soil. In fact, they are extremely easy to remove when using manual force.

Therefore, logic dictates that based on the “easy-going” nature of weeds, you have to use a tool that is also easy-going in order to remove it.

  • Power of the Tool

Most weed eaters are powered by lithium batteries. The reasoning behind this can be found on what we just discussed—you do not need much power. Some weed eaters really pluck out the weed, but the majority of them only cut the top.

The latter is really bad news because it means that the weed will just grow again. Then again, that is just how things go, especially if you wish to do it with the help of a machine.

  • Overall Convenience

We have already stated that they are mostly battery powered. However, another telling sign that what you have is a weed eater is that it is cordless. Now, this feature can really help with the ease of your movement.

On the other hand, it also points to the fact that you have to move around a lot. You simply cannot stand in one spot as the weed eater itself cannot cover long distances. So, for this one, the pros and cons are pretty much even.

Are Battery Powered Weed Eaters Any Good: Is it a Yes or a No?

Now that we know what it takes to be a good weed eating machine, this begs the question “are battery powered weed eaters any good?” The simple answer is yes. In the end, it all boils down to the characteristics we mentioned earlier.

For you to remove weeds, you do not need a lawn trimmer or edger that is high in power. All that you need is a tool that is powerful enough to pull out the “easily pulled out weed.” Therefore, battery-powered weed eaters are more than enough to do the job. However, the same story cannot be said if you also use the same tool to clear out grass overgrowth for, let us say, an acre.

How to Choose the Best Battery Powered Weed Eater?

Now that you know that battery powered weed eaters can complete the job, you now have to select which one you should take home. Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Longevity

Not all batteries are the same. Even if it states that they have the same voltage, some brands charge better than the others. There are also batteries that improve their battery life the longer you charge them.

On the negative side, there are batteries that give out, with just one time of overcharging them. The best way to go is to purchase a tool wherein you can use rechargeable batteries.

  • Weight

Again, your main goal is to remove weeds and not to cut grass. Since this is what you are going to do, you will not be wielding the weed eater in one straight line. In fact, what you are going to do is to find the weeds and work in that specific area.

For this to happen without a glitch, and for you not to risk straining in your arm, you have to choose something that is made of lightweight materials.

  • Design

There are now weed eaters in the market that have swivel heads and even handles that pivot. Other than those, it is best to get a weed eater wherein you can adjust the shaft. This is important because it dictates how much you lean forward or even crouch.

Chances are if you are a bit taller than average, and you do not have an adjustable shaft, you risk straining your back. So, pick one where you can work with a proper posture.

  • Cost

The way to go about this is to match the purpose with the price. The truth is, a more expensive product does not necessarily mean that it works perfectly. Probably, there are just some features that are added to it, and that is why the price is a bit steeper than the others.

So, how do you reconcile this? Go for tools that have a lot of purposes. In this case, your concern is to pull out weeds. Hence, it is better to buy a weed eater that can also be used as a trimmer. In that way, if it is more expensive than you thought, at least you have other uses for it.


As you can see, the answer is really simple. To get rid of something that is so easy to remove, you only need a machine that is not that strong. With that said, a battery-powered weed eater will be perfect for the job.

Not only can it remove your weeds, but it also goes about it in a very quiet way. Most importantly, this arduous task is made to be easy because most battery-powered weed eaters are extremely lightweight.

Then again, do remember that you should not take these tools lightly even though they are not high in power. Keep in mind that the human skin is very thin and that a battery-powered weed eater can still do a lot of damage. So, be careful, and enjoy removing your weeds!

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