4 Underrated Safety Tips for Using a Weed Whacker

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While some weed whacker safety measures may be obvious, such as wearing close-toed shoes while cutting the grass, there are many safety precautions that people do not pay enough attention to.

These high-powered slicing machines can cause some serious injuries when not used properly. The last thing anyone wants to do is end up in the emergency room for something that could have been avoided. Here are 4 underrated safety tips to keep in mind when trimming your grass.

1. Safety Shield

A commonly overlooked safety feature on a weed eater is the side guard. Most homeowners probably assume that all trimmers have them, but this is not the case. A lot of the higher quality models do have a shield that will block some of the flying debris, but it is important to make sure of it. At Greenery Guide, you’ll find reviews and pictures of some of the best battery weed eaters so that you can be aware of these safety features or lack thereof.

2. Regular Inspections

How many people do you think really pay attention to the condition of their weed eater when they bring it out of the shed? Not many. Inspecting your power equipment before use can notify you of a potential safety threat before it is too late. Simply making sure there are no gas leaks, cracks, or loose pieces is a quick and easy way to reduce the risk of injury.

3. Watch Out for Others

You may be wearing the proper protective gear while trimming your grass, but there are others that could be walking close by. With ear protection on or just the noise of the power equipment impairing your hearing, you might not realize someone walking by you. Not just humans, but animals could be close by as well.

It is important to stay aware of these things because these bystanders are not expecting to be impacted by the debris of a weed whacker. Simply stopping for a brief moment while they pass by can avoid any possible injury. Ensuring you keep an extra eye out for others is a small way to impact another’s safety in big a way.

4. Fuel

Power equipment requires a specific kind of fuel for each model. Some require mixes of oil in the gas which differ in concentration. All of this can be found in the manual provided with your weed eater. It is imperative to follow the directions in the manual to reduce the risk of fire or breaking the equipment.

As commonly used as weed whackers are, it is critical homeowners know the risks associated with using one. Increasing awareness of commonly overlooked safety concerns can protect people and their loved ones from injuries that could be easily avoided.

Invest in a Safe Weed Eater

Doing your research and investing in a safe weed eater is important to keep yourself and those around you safe. On Greenery Guide, you’ll find reviews of top-rated gardening products and helpful buying guides to help you make the best possible choice.

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