4 Techniques to Cut Your Yard Like a Pro with Your Weed Eater

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There is no reason for a homeowner with a tiny yard to cramp up their garage or shed with a lawnmower when they can save time and money using a weed eater. Also known as a weed whacker, these handheld motorized trimmers can be lightweight and generally cost far less than a mower.

The rotating nylon string cuts easily through grass as you sweep it across the yard. While weed eaters are easy to use, they can be difficult to master. But if you follow these 4 techniques, you should be trimming your lawn like a professional in no time.

1. Choosing the Right Weed Eater

It is important to use a piece of equipment that will be easy to maneuver and comfortable for you when you decide to purchase one. Using a battery powered or electric trimmer is recommended because they weigh much less but still contain the power needed to complete the job.

Make sure you do your research before purchase. At Greenery Guide, we provide in-depth reviews and detailed specifications on the best weed string trimmers on the market. You won’t want to start the job and not be able to finish because you picked the wrong equipment, or worse – go through the return process!

2. Proper Grip

The most difficult thing about using a weed whacker as opposed to a mower is making sure the grass stays level. You are completely controlling the height of the grass with your hand.

Using a trimmer with a guard on the side can help ensure you are keeping the head level. If you hold it with one hand on the handle and one as far as you can without being uncomfortable, it will stay stable.

Once you find a comfortable grip, line up the guard and head as horizontal as you can to the ground. Alternate from side to side in a swift motion, making sure you rest from time to time. These movements combined will maximize the chance of an even cut.

3. Pick a Good Day

You will want to cut your grass on a day that is dry and sunny. Wet grass is not good for the line and can get very messy. Waiting until any dew or moisture is evaporated can prevent a potential break or clog, saving you time and money.

4. Safety

Just as you should when using a lawnmower, it is imperative you wear the right protective gear when trimming your lawn. Closed toed shoes and eye protection is highly advised because there is much less machine between you and the grass than there usually is with a lawnmower.

A Beautiful Lawn Is at Your Fingertips

Saving time and money is music to any homeowner’s ears. No need to hire professionals when you can do it yourself and get the same results.

Greenery Guide has all of the information you need to get started. Using our buying guides to find the right tools, anyone can become a professional gardener!

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