Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD SureFire 28cc 2-Cycle Dual Line Tap’N Go Head Straight Shaft String Trimmer, 11-Inch Review

Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD SureFire 28cc 2-Cycle Dual Line Tap'N Go Head Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD SureFire 28cc 2-Cycle Dual Line Tap’N Go Head Straight Shaft String Trimmer, 11-Inch is valuable and versatile outdoor equipment. When you want to maintain a great looking yard or lawn, you will certainly need a string trimmer that can handle the job efficiently so you do the maintenance tasks quickly. The powerful 2 cycle engine included in this gas trimmer makes it easier to slice through heavier weeds and also handle some tree pruning.

This gas trimmer can accept other attachments beside the trimmer head, further increasing its flexibility around the home. In terms of balance and usability, the Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD SureFire excels as it weighs an astounding 10 pounds only as well has having the perfectly balanced. This means that you can use it comfortably with a stretched out reach without suffering from fatigue.

When shopping for a gas trimmer, the challenge that many people face is choosing a suitable product that has features that will address the maintenance issues they are facing. The Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD SureFire string trimmer certainly meets most of the important criteria for a residential weed eater. It starts easily, creates little vibration and is a power tool that you can use comfortably. Read on below for a thorough look at this gas trimmer.


  • 28cc two-cycle engine
  • Broad cutting path of 17 inches
  • Straight shaft
  • Capable of using attachments
  • Quick start system
  • Dimensions: 10 x 63 x 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds


  • Powerful motor for maximum efficiency
  • Starts easy for a gas trimmer and also runs great
  • Very flexible since you can add on other attachments like a blower and tree trimmer
  • Great value for the price
  • A 17 inch sweep enables it to work swiftly
  • Long shaft and ergonomic handles reduce fatigue
  • User-friendly and lightweight


  • This gas trimmer can be very loud
  • The use of a straight shaft design makes it heavy for some users


The SureFire 28cc two-cycle engine in this gas trimmer is quite robust and powers through weeds and grass without stalling issues. However, the drawback of having a powerful motor is that you will be able to really hear it when using this tool.

Like with all gas trimmers, it is advisable to wear some hearing protection to avoid damaging your hearing. Once you put your ear plugs on, the noise becomes much more tolerable and you can proceed with trimming your yard.

At just 10 pounds, this Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD SureFire 28cc 2-Cycle Dual Line Tap’N Go Head Straight Shaft String Trimmer, 11-Inch is clearly on the lighter side. It is also balanced very well between the trimmer head, shaft and engine. In effect, you do not get tired quickly when performing your usual cutting tasks. The vibration is also kept at a manageable level during operation.

Once you pull this Poulan Pro gas powered weed eater out of the packaging for assembly, you will be happy about the build quality of the parts. Just because it is a lightweight unit does not mean that the manufacture compromised on the general build quality. The process of setting it up is straightforward and it even offers comfortable ergonomic handles to mitigate its weight even further.

The Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD is a highly adaptable device that comes with a sharp weed blade for handling heavier weeds and sprouting trees. It is even compatible with various other attachments like a handy pole saw that allows you to prune tree branches, an edging tool to ensure neat edges and even a tiling accessory. All these attachments, including a blower, are sold separately but it is nice to know that you can always upgrade your power tool in future.

The dual line trimmer head means that the string comes from opposite sides. Simply tap the bottom part of the trimmer head to the ground and this feeds out more line. It can take a while to figure it out, but many weed eaters use the same bumping method. Additionally, the long string length means that you will not need to replace it regularly.


A close option to this Poulan Pro gas trimmer is the Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer, 28cc. It starts effortlessly and never stalls during operation. It also appears to be very well built and does not eat up the weed whacker line very quickly. Since it is gas powered, it is somewhat heavy but it has been balanced properly so that you only notice its weight when using it for long periods of time.

The key disadvantage of Husqvarna 128LD is that the blade string does not discharge. This means you have to retract the string out manually, which can be tiresome on long jobs. In contrast, the Dual Line Tap’N Go feature in the Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD ensures you have enough line when you need it.

GreenWorks also offers a viable competitor in their 21142 10Amp 18 Inch Straight Shaft Electric String Trimmer / Edger. This electric trimmer has a wider 18 inch sweep to quicken the process of trimming. The unit gets its power from a 10 Amp motor and is exceptionally light as well.

However, your range of use will be limited to the length of your extension cord. Furthermore, it is well known that gas trimmers like the Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD perform noticeably better as compared to electric models. That is almost certainly worth keeping in mind as you make your decision on what to buy.


The Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD SureFire 28cc 2-Cycle Dual Line Tap’N Go Head Straight Shaft String Trimmer, 11-Inch offers strong power bursts throughout all weed whacking jobs.

This helps finish your yard work quickly as well as without stalling. It can even transform into various other essential maintenance tools if you buy the extra attachments. Even though this weed eater is a bit louder, it is a minor inconvenience based on the kind of results it offers.

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