DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless String Trimmer Review

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The DCST920P1 comes from the stable of a highly reputed manufacturer of power tools—DeWalt. For some people, the name is enough to trust the product.

DeWalt is an American producer of highly efficient power tools and hand tools meant for various industries such as a manufacturing, construction and woodworking industries. DeWalt is a subsidiary unit of Stanley Black & Decker.

The DCST920P1 is a professional string trimmer that comes with a 20V MAX 5.0 Ah lithium battery that makes maintaining a garden or yard easy; it is powerful, affordable, and highly durable. When you have this high-performing trimmer, you don’t need to postpone your plans to cut the grass and clean your yard.

This high-powered trimmer gives you freedom from cables and the need to fill the gas tank every time. You just plug the tool in the electric charger and your advanced weed eater will be up and running in no time.

The DeWalt DCST920P1 comes with precise power controls and different levels of speed that enables the tool to deliver an amazing performance every time you use it. It comes with a high/low speed control switch to give you just the amount of power you need to cut or trim the grass with high level of precision.


  • It measures 67.8” x 10.9” x 8.8” and weighs 14 lbs.
  • It includes a 13” band to cut through tough grass and bushes
  • It comes with brushless motor to give you maximum motor durability and efficiency
  • It comes with a dual line with bump feed
  • It includes an adjustable trigger and speed control to give you a better performance
  • It features an advanced patented gear drive design
  • It includes a 20 Volt MAX 5.0Ah lithium ion battery
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty, 1 year of free service and a 90-day money back guarantee
  • The product includes a string trimmer, 20v max 5 Ah lithium ion battery, auxiliary handle, guard, and 0.080 inches line in spool


The Brushless String Trimmer gives you precise power control to enable you to carry out a plethora of trimming, cutting and mowing activities with great ease. The brushless motor adds to the level of efficiency and durability.

It also comes with a variable speed trigger, which enables you to adjust the speed depending on the type of work to be done.

When you are cutting through tough bush, you might need to run the tool on high speed, and when you are trimming light grass or removing weeds, you may switch to low speed for better results. This also helps in saving the battery so that it lasts longer.

The patented gear drive design adds more torque to the tool and also enables the weed eater to maintain cutting speed, even under load.

The string trimmer can power through even the toughest bushes and other growth within less time to give you great results. It is an indispensable tool if you live in the country and your yard and garden need regular trimming.

The DeWalt DCST920P1 is a low-maintenance product as it contains no carburetors, no air filters and no spark plugs.

This is a battery-powered tool which means no more worrying about filling up gas tanks and dealing with the fumes. The tool can start and stop by simply pulling the trigger which makes it extremely easy to use for almost anybody.

Read the instructions provided in the manual carefully and make sure you wear protective clothing as there is a lot of debris flying in the air when you use the tool at any speed.

When fully charged, the tool can run for 45-50 minutes, which will help you cover a lot of trimming and cutting tasks with precision. If you use the tool on low-speed mode, you can enhance the battery life.

DeWalt stands behind its products and offers a 3-year limited warranty, with a 90-day money-back guarantee. It also includes 1-year of free service.


The kick guard that comes with the product does not block well, so you get grass and other debris blown at you. So, you might need to invest in better quality protective clothing and goggles.

Unfortunately, the 3-year limited warranty does not cover the motor if you have been using it regularly for over a year.

The DeWalt DCST920P1 is slightly heavier compared to weed eaters by other brands.


When you want a really powerful tool for removing tough bushes and trimming grass, the DeWalt DCST920P1 is a perfect and reliable choice. It not only delivers incredible performance, it also carries the trusted name of DeWalt that makes it a winner!

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